Posted on Jun 21, 2018

Anjuna Flea Market


The scene in Anjuna is quite different. On a Wednesday in Goa, Anjuna is the place that you have to be. There is a large selection of items for sale, and the place has a fascinating atmosphere in its setting amid the palm trees and next to the Anjuna sea.

On the sandy stretch of the Anjuna Beach lies the Wednesday Flea Market. It is one of the many tourist markets in Goa and the only Flea Market of Goa. It so happened that the foreigners used to fall short of money and in order to get some they used to sell off their belongings. This was the beginning of the Flea market. What started as an open-air hippie exchange has become one of the most popular attractions for backpackers and tourists alike.

You can get all types of clothes, Nepali as well as Tibetan goods, embroidered items, incense, a good selection of jewelry, semiprecious stones, crystals, fancy knives, handicrafts, hammocks, bedspreads, and other items at the flea market. There are also several people who sell the latest techno music Compact Discs CD's.

There are good places to eat Indian, Israeli, or Western food. There are Ayurvedic doctors, professional hair cutters and colorers (foreigners), dreadlocks makers, and nose and body piercers. You can have your hair cut and painted in any style imaginable. You can also have different designs painted on your body which look like tattoos.

It begins at with sunrise that is 8.00 a.m. and gets over with sunset that is 6.00 p.m.
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